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The springs are entirely produced by us using only Made in Italy raw materials. There are two kinds of springs: helping springs and pull springs. The first ones are for helping the gearbox on the operation of the awnings, that become light and smooth. The second ones are for the pull blinds, in order to make tense the fabric. A spring to move the world

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Helping spring

DiameterWireN. SpiresLengthRevs maxCodePackaging
Ø 70 Ø 3,5 mm 180850 mm15117.18010
Ø 70 Ø 4 mm 2201.100 mm20117.22010
Ø 78 Ø 3,5 mm 180850 mm15118.18010
Ø 78 Ø 4 mm 2201.100 mm20118.22010

Pull spring

DiameterWireN. SpiresLengthLength SpringCodePackaging
Ø 43 Ø 2 mm 340850 mm610 mm114.34010
Ø 60 Ø 2,5 mm 166700 mm500 mm116.16610
Ø 60 Ø 3 mm 233920 mm 700 mm116.23310
Ø 60 Ø 3 mm 3001.140 mm 900 mm116.30010
Ø 60 Ø 3 mm 4661.690 mm 1.400 mm116.46610
Ø 70 Ø 2,5 mm 166700 mm500 mm117.16610
Ø 70 Ø 3 mm 233920 mm700 mm117.23310
Ø 70 Ø 3 mm 3001.140 mm900 mm117.30010
Ø 70 Ø 3 mm 4661.690 mm1.400 mm117.46610

Spring holder

48 mm14 mm140.01650
48 mm10 mm240.01650


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