Roller Tubes

Square bar & accessories

Crank Handles

Worm Gearboxes

Steck system gearboxes

Steck system’s accessories

Ø 43 – Ø 60 end caps

Ø 70 end caps

Ø 78 end caps

Ø 85 end caps

Kit for canopy blinds


Accessories for technical blinds

Rope winch & accessories

Accessories for rolling shutters


Christmas Closure

We will close for Christmas time from 24/12/22 to 06/01/2023...

Italprofil on “La Repubblica”

An important presentation of Italprofil on La Repubblica newspaper...

Download catalogue

We are glad to show our catalogue. You can download it by the link on the page....

Italprofil at “Imprese Possibili” di SKY

See the interview with our Export Manager...

R+T 2022 Posponed to 2024

The R+T 2022 has been posponed to 2024. ...