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Motor SOLIDline Q.I. Wireless

SOLIDline Q.I. Wireless: Tubolar motor wireless with electronic endstop. For setting the enstops with GEIGER transmitter: input down the awning until the lower endstop posistion, than move the awning on the opposite side without stopping it, so the upper endstop will be setted by torque. Autoregulation of the endstop; obstacle detection up and down. Available with: 30 Nm/16 rpm, 40 Nm/16 rpm, 50 Nm/12 rpm, 12 Nm/55 rpm.

All the tubolar motors are available on SILENT Version: The most silent
motor in the world. Each motor has different inside components for
having a reduction of noise and vibrations. For having the maximum
silent performance please use the support KSSUPP/S.

Technical Sheet


code: M45KS30W/QI
30 Nm/16 rpm

code: M45KS30W/QI/S
30 Nm/16 rpm Silent

code: M45KS40W/QI
40 Nm/16 rpm 

code: M45KS40W/QI/S
40 Nm/16 rpm Silent

code: M45KS50W/QI 
50 Nm/12 rpm

code: M45KS50W/QI/S
50 Nm/12 rpm Silent

code: M45KS1255W/QI
12 Nm/55 rpm 

code: M45KS1255W/QI/S
12 Nm/55 rpm Silent

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