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Tubular motor Solidline-KS Touch

SOLIDline Touch: Tubolar motor with mechanical endstop, botton setting. Available
with: 10 Nm/16 rpm, 20 Nm/16 rpm, 30 Nm/16 rpm, 40 Nm/16 rpm, 50 Nm/12
rpm, 12 Nm/55 rpm.

All the tubolar motors are available on SILENT Version: The most silent
motor in the world. Each motor has different inside components for
having a reduction of noise and vibrations. For having the maximum
silent performance please use the support KSSUPP/S.

Technical Sheet


codice: M45KS10T 
10 Nm/16 rpm 

codice: M45KS10T/S
10 Nm/16 rpm Silent

codice: M45KS20T
20 Nm/16 rpm

codice: M45KS20T/S
20 Nm/16 rpm Silent

codice: M45KS30T
30 Nm/16 rpm

codice: M45KS30T/S
30 Nm/16 rpm Silent

codice: M45KS40T
40 Nm/16 rpm 

codice: M45KS40T/S
40 Nm/16 rpm Silent

codice: M45KS50T
50 Nm/12 rpm

codice: M45KS50T/S
50 Nm/12 rpm Silent

codice: M45KS1255T
12 Nm/55 rpm 

codice: M45KS1255T/S
12 Nm/55 rpm Silent

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